The Deer God

The Deer God 1.2

Get Back to Nature with The Deer God

An Adventure in the Natural World View full description


  • Dedicated gamers will love the textured narrative


  • Casual players looking for quick-fix thrills may find the game tough to get into

An Adventure in the Natural World

Travel the wild

Games like The Deer God are more often seen on PC than mobile devices. With its pixel art, minimal soundtrack and strange concept, this odd indie title feels more like a Steam Greenlight game than anything else. Thanks to its simple play-style, though, it quickly becomes apparent why the mobile version works. Your deer grows in age and skill by solving simple puzzles and running through a seemingly endless world. The controls are fairly decent but suffer the lack of precision common to the format which becomes more of an issue later on in the game when combat and difficulty increase. The Deer God is obviously a game crafted with love and care and does not rely on in-app purchases or shares for its success, focusing instead on an experience.

A Complex and Thought-Provoking Game

The Deer God offers its players an array of tricky puzzles to be solved across its 3D pixel-art world. Along the way you must level up and find items so as to progress in your quest. With a night and day system, and even the ability to reincarnate into different animals, there is no shortage of variety on offer in The Deer God. No fan of inventive and imaginative puzzle-driven adventures can possibly afford to miss out on this one-of-a-kind title.

The Deer God


The Deer God 1.2